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Above: Huge sunspot AR 2192 as seen from Jupiter, Florida. I took the photo with a Kodak Z990 camera hand-held to the eyepiece of an Astroscan 4" reflector telescope. Not the best way to photograph the sun, but better than nothing! I had to put the camera in super macro mode to get it to focus through the telescope's small exit pupil. The vignetting was horrible, but by moving the camera off center I was able to get a picture. Note that the actual view through the telescope was many times sharper than the photo! So, why bother? Because it makes it real, and it's fun!


Below: view of the sun on Oct 25, courtesy of Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams. Notice the huge magnetic field lines emanating from region AR 2192!


Below: AR 2192 has just about rotated out of view on Tuesday. North is up.



Valerie Paulsen


Astroscan telescope

Solar filter is a Tasco Type 2, C-4.5 / Spaceprobe modified to fit the Edmund Astroscan telescope.